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             Louise Misha Papier Mache Magazine

Picture: Aurélie Lecuyer. Skirt BB coral & Marcel Flamingo

Il y a quelques semaines Déborah Sfez nous a posé quelques questions pour le magazine Papier Mache que nous sommes ravies de partager avec vous!

Few weeks ago Déborah Sfez asked us some questions for the "Papier Mache Magazine, we are happy to share it with you!


Louise Misha
, is this adorable kids brand designed by 2 good friends Aurélie Remetter and Marie Pidancet. After launching their jewels collection in 2012, they now have a complete range of pretty clothes & accessories, full of nostalgia and vintage feel that melts our heart each season.
Hi Aurélie & Marie,
Louise Misha is a kids brand offering clothes, accessories and all sorts of nice little things for everyday life. Give us 3 words to describe your world.
Bohème, Nostalgia, Softness
Such a beautiful name, we read that Louise is the name of the grand mother of one and Misha the nickname of the mum of the other but if Louise Misha was a real lady who would she be? Could you describe this muse to our readers?
Louise Misha is an inspiration from our family memories, from all those things that were passed down to us from generations. This inspiration comes from a grandmother who was a comedienne and spent her life on the roads, another one who loved arts and craft and used to make cute little rag dolls, a Tzigane great grandmother who twined wicker baskets… and of course from our mum’s tenderness and love. If Louise Misha was a real woman, she would be a little bit of each one of them.
One is based in Paris, and the other one in Sydney, where did you meet originally and how did you start this beautiful project together?
We met in Paris 5 years ago. We were both working as designers in a trends office.
We became great friends very quickly and we talked about creating something together because we had the same dreams. We had to travel often to India for work, and it’s while we were there that we really decided to start our own label for little girls. We started this adventure when we were both living in Paris, a little more than two years ago.  Many things happened in those two years: Mary had a baby and Aurélie met her Australian fiancé and moved to Australia. So we added adventure to the adventure.
How is the daily life at the office when you live 2 worlds appart ?
The funny thing is that our customers don’t know that we’re living in different countries, so they are probably thinking that we work 24hours a day at Louise Misha. When one gets up, it’s almost night time for the other. We usually skype everyday, when one of us wakes up.   And we send each other messages all along the day on What’s app like if we were sitting next to each other in the office. When we think of something, when we have an idea… we send a message. So it’s not rare to wake up in the morning and see 20 messages waiting to be read. We always design the collection together. Aurélie is back to Paris every 2 or 3 month and usually for a long period. So we organize this around the designing time and for the Playtime fair in Paris and other big events. This year we also met in New York for the Playtime fair. We had to find a routine; it’s not as fun as spending every day together like we used to but it means that we get to enjoy a lot more when we are together; our time gets precious.
When you went on your beautiful trip to India, what did you like the most ? Could you give us a secret place in Delhi you loved?
Colors are everywhere in India, on the road, in rickshaw, on clothes, flowers, markets… it’s really inspiring. This is what we love the most about India. In Delhi, we really liked to go to “Haus Khas Village”. It’s a very quiet and peaceful place. Families usually go there to spend time around the lake, do some shopping or just have a drink in the evening. We also loved the Turtle Café for a Banana Lassi. Or favourite drink in India.
When you were little, what was your dream job?
Marie as far as she can remember, always wanted to create clothes. She can’t remember wanted to do anything else. Aurélie had a lot of different ideas. Her first idea when she was a very little girl was to wash hair in a salon because she loved foam! Then she wanted to be an artist in a gipsy circus and travel the world. Her last dream job before she started to study fashion was to become a ballet dancer.
We love your pink flamingo print, what are the trends for prints and colors this summer ?
We are currently designing the new collection for Summer 2015. We don’t really follow any trends, we prefer to get our inspirations from our everyday lives, from a movie, an exhibition, a trip somewhere or even as simple as on a print from an old cushion found in a vintage shop. For this new season, we want to mix exotic and floral motif with some more graphic prints. Lace is also going to be a more important fabric in our next collection.
What is for you the best success of Louise Misha so far?
The brand grew very fast thanks to our jewellery and also with the “Lili “ dress.   This dress was such a success, we redo it in every collection with different colors and fabrics.
Any new projects or secrets to share with us for the future ?
We are working on a socks, stockings and shoes collection.  We would like to offer a full head to toe Louise Misha outfit to our customers
Where can we find Louise Misha around the world?
We now have almost 100 retailers all around the world in Europe , USA, Australia, Asia, and in the Emirates. And of course you can always find Louise Misha in our e-shop.
Thanks a lot
Interview by Deborah Sfez
Papier Mache Issue 7
Papier Mache est pour nous surement le plus joli magazine, par ce qu'il y a toujours une certaine "poésie" qui se dégage de tous les visuels. C'est celui dont nous attendons à chaque fois avec impatience la sortie alors vous imaginez que nous avons été particulièrement touchées de retrouver un peu de Louise Misha dans la dernière parution. 
Papier Mache is probably our favourite magazine. We love the poetry mood in each picture.We are always very impatient to discover the new issue, so you can imagine how happy we were to have a little of Louise Misha in the last issue
Dress lili Hawai

Picture: Aurélie Lecuyer. Skirt BB grey

Skirt Scarlette aqua

Kid bag hawai

Dress Lili & Dress Paillette